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Brand Positioning




Creative strategies so your brand shines.



Our Story


Morning Glory was named to allude to the possibilities and splendor that accompany dawn’s light each new day. Also, we liked the name. Though we’re a young company, we are experienced thinkers and doers who believe in using creative and scientific strategies to serve brands’ bottom lines. We want our clients to thrive!

Simultaneously incorporating American/European, classic/eclectic, trusted/surprising elements Morning Glory is well-suited to our home base in the small town/global city of Antwerp. Our ability to communicate in native English uniquely qualifies us to position brands beyond the Benelux. We are especially proud of developing an original way to revitalize brands from the inside out with Brand Camp. It is a hands-on experience that takes the “touchy-feely” parts of a brand and, in the span of 30 days, starts transforming them into value. 

Morning Glory can easily partner with advertising, design and web agencies, and draws on the vast expertise within the &KOO network and the technology specialists at the Cronos Group.





Rijnkaai 37, 4th Floor
2000 Antwerp