Justine Harcourt De Tourville

Managing Director

“Some people find climbing Mt. Everest or walking down the red carpet exhilarating, I love helping products or services increase market share. I work with people to ensure their brand enjoys greater revenue using a mixture of tools acquired from many years in academia: research, applied anthropology, narrative writing and teaching. 

At one time, I owned the world's largest library on Belgian food culture in English. I graduated with honors in Anthropology (BA) and Urban & Regional Studies (BSc) from one of the Ivy League schools and received a Research MA (with distinction) in European Society from University College of London. It’s another way of saying I was dedicated to reading thick technical books and writing hundreds of papers while inhaling coffee (Jacques Derrida can sometimes put you to sleep). On the plus side, I've become quite an expert on culture and organizations.

When I’m not helping people make their brands more irresistible, I devour Tex-Mex, hit the gym (with Herculean effort), enjoy art & fiction, and preach the virtues of high-end tequila. I am happy in Belgium, but always eager to visit NYC, Los Angeles and just about anywhere back home in the Lone Star State. You can’t beat the Austin vibe or the West Texas scenery.”

Dream project: the rebranding of Belgium.

Fun facts

  • Won a bet where Prime Minister Martens gave me 3 kisses; the closest I’ve gotten to Obama is his motorcade.

  • Allergic to avocado, cats and beer (try that last one in Belgium)!

  • In my 20s, was the subject of a Playboy (all-text!) article that was turned into a bad Hollywood film.