Headquartered in Kontich, Belgium, Carealize has a niche specialty not often found in Europe, namely offering a highly-calibrated business intelligence and digital services to the pharmaceutical and medical industries.  With its outdated logo and website, Carealize needed a complete refresh to complement their new leadership and focus, as well as lend credibility to their analytical capabilities. Since they are based in Belgium–a country rich with with research, pharmaceuticals, and life science companies–Carealize needed to showcase their aptitude to take advantage of the market. 


> Brand strategy
> Brand positioning
> Brand design






Most branding exercises begin with a workshop. Rightfully so! Workshops offer the structured time and space to think about a brand without phone calls or interruptions. We ask a series of questions pertaining to aesthetics, beliefs, values, goals and use visuals to delve into unscripted answers. 

company wine
company coffee
company building

Carealize responded to images that conveyed classic, timeless elements. For example, in one exercise, they embraced Art Nouveau, fine wine, and a French coffee press. Discussions revealed that these images best expressed Carealize’s commitment to remain a Belgian company instead of going global. The selected images also reaffirmed their belief in quality.


Back in our office, we take the accumulated data and go into social science mode looking for strengths and weakness paying careful attention to recurring words, patterns, and/or themes.


In Carealize’s case, they were unusual in that most of their descriptions centered exclusively on verbs (matchmaking, facilitating, creating, etc.), indicating they were an action-oriented company. We were able to parse their extended answers, assign numerical values to the terms they used and determine brand personality dimensions using a 24-part scale. Examining words for levels of introversion vs. extraversion, for instance, gives a true sense of how a company should portray itself. What color palette or what tone-of-voice would be the right fit?



Standing out in the market means understanding how you fit among your competitors. We look extensively at competitors:

imagery competitors.jpg

Then we concentrate on assembling key dimensions & words (empowering, in command, conscientious) into a framework and use these for the basis of a new tagline.




Transforming the health sector with digital & industry expertise for better outcomes



We chose a color palette that reflected their trustworthiness, ability to work hard and deliver quality results. Our key concern was migrating away from the bright colors on their current website, and give Carealize some depth. Art Nouveau palettes were an obvious choice for inspiration. We wanted to stay in the blue range (since it scores so high in trust) but also integrate some greens which in Western society invokes health.


We created two new logo propositions that emphasized the belief in quality that Carealize stands for:


Logo 1

logo 1 carealize

Logo 2

logo 2 carealize

Carealize chose Logo 2 because it would be best received by the pharmaceutical industry.





We care, analyse, realize


Transforming the health sector with digital & industry expertise for better outcomes