ANtwerP management school


As the name suggests, Antwerp Management School is located in Antwerp, Belgium. The school tasked Morning Glory to sharpen the AMS brand for prospective students, faculty, and partners while ensuring its unique attributes would stand out among competitor schools in the surrounding area. The positioning needed to be translated into a new social icon, color palette and updated guidelines for digital and print.


> Brand strategy
> Brand positioning
> Brand design






AMS original logo.jpg


Prior to our involvement, AMS had already invested in internal workshops to define their core characteristics. We reviewed and validated the materials, and made adjustments where necessary. Their internal workshop findings concluded that the AMS core values were caring, daring, and outstanding.


To offer more tangible words that could translate easily through various forms of communication, we adjusted caring to helpful, daring to bold, and outstanding to excellence. With these words AMS is able to prove itself to the market by showing, not telling. 


We investigated competitor schools and how they position themselves visually to secure AMS’ advantage on the market. We put together a color palette and established a tone-of-voice to translate these core values into brand personality (down-to-earth, daring, successful, challenging and prestigious) that would match brand experience.



With an extensive competitive analysis, we concluded that most institution’s identities were decidedly modern, pushing for a “hip” feel, mostly using Business blue as a primary color. The typography of choice was often sans-serif, while serif attests substance for an education institute. This offered AMS a unique position to use history— particularly the parallel qualities of experience and substance, as a backdrop, while highlighting its offer to innovative features and content. Coincidentally, the deep red color AMS was currently using turned out to be perfect to stand out against competitors, translating the core value daring they had established.

imagery competitors.jpg
Competitors main color

Competitors main color


An essential part of positioning is forming a fitting tagline that effortlessly translates what each brand stands for. In AMS’ case, we focused on keywords and features to assemble a framework and base for a new tagline. Together these words formulated a clear statement of what Antwerp Management School stands for:


A tailored NEW TAGLINE :


Emboldening leaders with expertise & excellence



As any brand, it was vital that the color palette of AMS reflected their brand personality. From our competitive analysis we found that competitors often used blue, making the deep red crucial to asserting AMS’ position. Moving away from the blue on their logos and website, we focused on translating prestige and their core value “daring” with red and white. Because prestige can possibly be considered unapproachable, it was important to emphasize their down-to-earth nature on their website through dark and light tones of green.

AMS Daring Red
AMS Pure White
AMS Natural Green
AMS Prestigious Green

An updated social icon with the recurring Daring Red and Pure White reestablished AMS’ brand personality. The social icon embodies the opportunities and challenges of AMS students who can aim their interests and qualities in different directions, and attract a national and international audience.


New Social Icon:

AMS new social icon

one color logo:

logo 2 carealize

We also adjusted the colors of the current logo to give AMS more flexibility in one color use.





AMS original social icon.jpg


AMS new social icon.jpg